Hola - An introduction


Apr 8, 2010
I am now living here on 'assignment' by a US software company. I actually worked here much of last year - but now am official and have an apartment (versus the death by hotel stays). Will be here for at least another 12 months - and hoping for more.

I have met some wonderful friends via work and also Spanglish. I am working on my Spanish and appreciate help from my friends and co-workers. I was warned to not hang out totally with ex-pats - so I would not live in the comfortable cocoon of an English speaking group. Anyone feeling that?

My only wish is that I can meet more people of my age (50ish). (This is not just about dating!) I consider myself a young for 50ish person. I love hanging with people of any age -- but sometimes at the end of the day, it would be nice to have contact with people of an age close to mine. :)

I have traveled through-out Europe and Asia - but this assignment is my first extended visit and stay to Latin America. I am LOVING Buenos Aires and considering making the stay here more permanent, if my employer will agree.

I love dancing -- but going by myself is much more difficult here than in the US. I love music of all sorts. Anyone out there interested in a dance night? Perhaps one that is not ELECTRONIC Chinese Water Torture? OK - perhaps my age is showing there.. :0

I am a SPORTS fanatic! I grew up with 4 brothers and it was sink or swim. So I swam hard and fast! I have an ex-husband who told me, as we were divorcing, that I intimidated him with my knowledge of and interest in sports. LOL

Ok - I think I am close to over-sharing now. But would love to meet up with many of the people whose posts are on this site.

I live in Palermo and travel a lot thru-out LA (my silly friends in the US still get confused when I say that. ha!). Usually here on the weekends.


PS: Also looking for a 'bootcamp' exercise class. Do they have these here? Else -I need a good personal trainer who is going to beat me into submission and a good exercise regime.
deef217 said:
I live in Palermo...

And you were doing so well up until that point.....! :D

Just look out for organized meet-ups and show up Dee - I guarantee a pretty mixed bunch and plenty of people around your age.

Of course, I won't be able to speak to you because you live in Palermo, but believe me, that's no great loss! ;)

lol,good morning Al...welcome Dee.we are all mostly around your age,act like teenagers,drink like fish etc,,so don,t worry I ,m sure you,ll settle in just fine,best wishes Howard
Another "young oldie" saying hi, and welcome. As HiBA says, there are a lot of us about who share the same profile as yourself (OK, except for the gender that is!), and you will be more than welcome. A few of us are away during May, but keep looking and you will see plenty of activities going on which I am sure you will enjoy.

All the best,


(I'll PM you about the Personal Trainer thing....._