Hola and a ? from the Minneapolitan y Porteño :)


Aug 26, 2009
Que Tal Expats! I have been lurking around the site for important information and everything's been really helpful! I just moved here about 6 weeks ago to live with my local boyfriend, who is a wonderful English and Spanish teacher. I am seeking work as an English teacher preferably outside of the traditional language institutes, while Santi is seeking foreign clients to expand his Spanish offerings.
Any ideas where we should post our classes besides OLX and craigslist? Thanks so much for your help!
Print up some fliers and do what the locals do...paste/tape them to street lights. It's what I do and I make enough to keep me in beer and steak without any problems.

Make sure you DON'T put a landline phone number on there though...cell phone and/or email address is fine, on tear-away tabs at the bottom as well as in the main part of the page itself (you'll understand the reason for this once you walk past your fliers after a couple of days and see that "someone" has torn away all your tabs out of spite)

also make sure you do the first couple of meetings/lessons in a public, neutral location like a cafe. You can't be too careful.