Hola BA - New in town!


Sep 26, 2009
Hi all,

My boyfriend, Aaron, and I just moved to BA about two weeks ago from Chicago (we're both in our mid-20s). We're doing our best to pick up Spanish quickly, but right now we have the speaking abilities of a five year old so we aren't expecting to make Porteno friends just yet...

We're interested in meeting people from all over the world, but only speak English. I saw someone list a few expat bars (El Alamo, Sugar, etc) and we'll definitely check those out, but let me know if you're interested in meeting up for coffee or a drink. Any expat events coming up for us to attend?


I lived recently for 1 year in Chicago (S Sangamon and Jackson) , great town.
arty said:
the summers can be brutal too!

Not as bad as Houston...
Chicago & Lake Michigan in summer, IMHO, are a pleasure. Wish we have that lake and beaches instead of el Rio de la Plata...(Argentinean side)
Lived most of my life in Chicago, Lincoln Park area, and I've been here for a couple months. What are you guys up to this coming weekend? We can meet for a drink or something.

Let me know!
Hey guys,

I'm from the south suburbs, near Joliet. I've been in Latin America for over a year and in BA for over a month. I'd love to help out some fellow Chicagoans get accustomed to speaking Spanish. I speak it fluently and my girlfriend is from Ecuador. Let me know if you'd like to meet up sometime.

i'm a mid 20's recent arrival from australia with limited spanish and staying in recoleta. happy to catch up - missed the last meetup so looking forward to meet others in similar circumstances.
Seems like there are quite a few Chicagoans out there!

I say we try putting together a Chicagoans Night...
How about Wednesday October 14, 21:00, Gran Bar Danzon, Libertad (close to Santa Fe)?