Hola Buenos Aires!


Mar 12, 2010
Hi there everyone,

I'm not sure if all the newcomers follow the suggestion to say hi and introduce themselves, but why not? I have recently arrived in Buenos Aires from South Africa, and am very happy to find that there is a wealth of info on these forums about the ins and outs of living in this city...

I'm a writer, editor and photographer, and my interests include art, fitness, literature, languages, etc. I'm looking forward to interacting with you and hopefully even meeting some of you. :)

Best wishes,

Welcome Jacqui,fellow photographer and fitness buff here...Hope you enjoy BsAs
Welcome.. I have always wanted to visit Cape Town.. it is on my list.....
well welcome and enjoy the city!!!!
Hi there :)

We welcome you!

Fitness and writing are some of our interest too....nice :)

Keep in touch mate (not the tea).....we'll meet shortly, I guess :)

Monica & Truls
Welcome here, I am writing a novel too, though I am an E·ngineer.If you need some help pls call me 4687-1604
The incredible street level clouds of fumes, black monster clouds of pollution pouring out of the uninspected vehicles here takes some getting used to. I dont think I ever will. You will be exposed to pollution and broken sidewalks and endless garbage (the people are the opposite of clean) on a daily basis.
Bienvenida, Jacqui...May you have many adventures for your stories! I'm a coach and writer--and would love a visit from another writer anytime...so when you want a break from the City, come into the "Interior" and see how the rest of us live. Saludos, Gayle