hola! just arrived from new york city


Oct 26, 2008
im staying in palermo soho for a month. im not a true expat but decided to see what it would be like. :) im excited to really get to know ba. any advice and expats spots to meet other would be awesome. also particularly, im looking for spanish classes and yoga.. or where i can buy a yoga mat??

btw, do argentinians celebrate halloween? :p
Hey lindaeemo this is Lucas, i´m from BA And I could give you some help with your spanish for free...well...you could invite a cup of coffee... OK kidding ;) I need some help with my english though Im almost bilingual. This is my e-mail: [email protected]. Send me an email and we´ll get together this week. See ya!
Hey lindaeemo

My husband and I are also from NYC (although we currently live in Costa Rica) and we are contemplating a move to BA in the next six months.

We would love to hear what a former NY'er has to say about her time there. We were Palermo Soho for a week this past October and then a few days in San Telmo and we just loved it. We can't wait to get back there.

Be sure to let me know what you found out about yoga. .can't wait to get back into it!!