Sep 27, 2008
Hope all is well with everyone. I am a 48 year old that has relocated to Buenos Aires in June and married my girlfriend of 3 years. I lived in the Washington DC area for the last 13 years. I worked as a network systems administrator for the USAF (active) from 1995-2000 and then as a contractor from 2000-2008.

I moved here for love and have been enchanted with the people of BsAs since my first visit in 2005. I did not move here because it was inexpensive although it did help to ease the transition.

Currently we are working on getting my residency here (waiting for the FBI Good Conduct in the mail) and trying to learn this lovely language. In the long term I hope to find work to fill my days.

I am lucky in that my father-in-law and wife are both doctors and my mother-in-law is a lawyer as they are able to answer a lot of questions that I have had in the past. If anyone has any questions related to medical care or the law feel free to ask as I can try to find the answers.


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