Jan 22, 2009
I have just arrived from London via australia to learn Spanish and work. would be keen for a drink soon and if anyone has plans for Australia Day on MOnday!! Also if anyone is looking for a room mate in Palermo please let me know and if anyone knows a good yoga place! many thanks ciao anne
Hey anne, I just arrived too and surprise surprise, I'm looking to work and learn Spanish as well. I don't know anything about Australia day( not that it doesn't sound sweet), but the people I'm renting from and myself are going to a local percussion band or something on monday, I think. If you're looking for a party on that night I'm told it will be rather sweet. I'm sorry I don't have more details but write back anyway -matt
Hey! So there is an australia day picnic on sunday if you are interested in joining me.

The info is:
Place: Parque Centenario, in Almagro
Date: Sunday 25th January
Time: 6pm
Bring: food, beer, musical instruments, football, frisbees, circus toys (e.g. juggling, poi), etc

Should be fun! Let me know.

The Australian Consul is putting on drinks on Monday 7.30pm-9.30pm. You need to lodge your name with them and then call them to RSVP ASAP though I think..