Jan 21, 2010
Hi all. I'm Bianca. Just introducing myself :). I'm 31, American living in Finland and Buenos Aires (half and half) and my apartment is in Barrio Norte. I grew up in El Paso, Texas. It borders Mexico at Ciudad Juarez which has fostered my lifelong passion for Mexican food (tacos especially). I went to college in Dallas, TX and then moved to NYC for 8 years where I acted, modeled...and bartended :). There I met my boyfriend who was on vacation and got more than he bargained for :). We moved to Helsinki two years ago and now we spend the Finnish winter here in BsAs. It's pretty, but cold in Helsinki during the winter! I'm a chef, so I love cooking and my degree was in English, so I love reading and writing. I'd love to meet new friends to explore the city with. We are finished renovating my apartment, but I still go to the ferias and thrift markets looking for antiques and knick knacks. I'd love it if someone wanted to go to El Tigre with me.... Also brunches are cool and I love having people over!! I do have to say that I'll probably be most responsive to women because the old man would get rightfully pissed if I took up with another dude.... :). La Fabrica del Tacos this Sunday anyone?