Holistic Dentist in BA?


Feb 19, 2008
Hi anyone have a good holistic dentist they'd recommend? Especially one who'd use a rubber dam for removing mercury fillings?
I'd talk to Dr. Rodenstein in Belgrano. Don't know how wholistic he is but we found him muy simpatico, & an excellent dentist. We had considerable discussion of mercury fillings, etc. Lost his phone #, but here is his address:

Cnl J.
Moldes 2479 5° piso
Apartmente F B6000XAD Capital Federal Best--CR
Did anyone follow up on this. I am looking for a dentist to remove mercury fillings but I do want it done right also. I don´t need a huge dose of mercury while trying to get RID of mercury. Sure appreciate any input!
Holistic dentist?
I think you might be mistaking 'BA' for 'LA'...

'bump thread'

I thought with the cosmetic tourism here it would be marketed but i haven't seen it here yet.

have you found anything in spanish language to show my dentist the market for it?

I was going to get it done but now i see the gas problem i'll leave it til next in europe at 10x the price.

If you find anything please let me know