Homeboy Shopping Network


Where is the Homeboy Shopping Network in the city? Every big city has at least one and I would appreciate it greatly if you can let me know, if you know. Here in Honolulu, we call it the "Flea Market". It's not your ordinary flea market. It has the goods, new and used, and sometimes at unbelievable prices when the product is hot, if you know what I mean...and what I mean by that is...very popular?... Anyways, the reason why I'm asking is because I'm looking to find some sharks with freakin lazers attached to them. You can send me a note if you don't want to post the info as a reply. Thank you in advance.


Note sent. Other choices would be known as BoliShopping. Here is the map to the place in case anyone is interested http://www.puntamogote.com/p1.htm It is run by the mafia, cops won't even go anywhere near there, just be prepared for counterfeit change, pickpockets, and possibility of being robbed.