Aerobox for online shopping/imports


I used this company recently and had a good experience:

You order whatever you want online, send it to their office in Miami, and then they ship it to Argentina for you. They do all of the customs procedures, all they need is your CUIL/CUIT, then they deliver it to your door once it arrives.

To import a $1200 laptop I paid only $300 (I know, 'only', but for Argentina that's cheap), the same laptop bought directly from Argentina would have cost $2200+. 10 days after ordering it showed up at my door, I signed for it, done.

Their profit margins seem a bit low for me so I'm not really sure how their business model works. Still I have yet to encounter a cheaper and faster option that allows you to choose whatever you want from the usual online shopping sites and get it to you here.

on the brink

I tested the place, ordering a pair of sneakers, price: US$ 100, weight 1 kg.

Total shipping charges: U$D 91.91. A whopping 91% markup. Hardly a bargain....!

This is the detailed list of charges:

Art. Deportivos×
FleteU$D 27.00
ImpuestosU$D 49.91
HandlingU$D 10.00
Entrega en CapitalU$D 5.00