Horse Riding near BsAs


Jun 23, 2009
I was going to organize a horse riding event close to BsAs. A "cabalgata" and a BBQ afterwards or so. Anybody interested in joining? Any suggestions for locations (excluding Estancias)?

Yes, I'm definitely up for that! I've been wanting to go horseback riding again... it's been probably 15 years that I've been on a horse! Will a lesson be provided in this event? :) Does the Hipódromo in Palermo offer an event of this type? Or do you mean somewhere out of the city?
That sounds great! I don't know of any places besides estancias for horseback riding... sorry I can't be of more help! But if you happen to find a place, I'd love to join you.
I'd definitely be interested. Please keep us posted.
Would love to handle the transportation in a nice roomy and comfortable Lincoln Town Car, you guys can split the cost...Car can hold 5 easy possibly 6 including driver. Lotsa room in the trunk...
Rate negotiable...
I am definitely interested, though I'm happy to take public transport.

I´m taking classes at a school close to the Hipodromo. I really enjoy the urban escape of which you really get a taste, because the place is close to the Bosques de Palermo.

Some time I would love to go horse-back-riding to the province or even a horse camp for 2+ days.
I was lucky enough to go horseback riding over the weekend in Mendoza. It made me realize how much I've missed it! :) I am still 100% up for going... but hopefully not around a track or anything mundane.... definitely prefer a trail or something of that sort. Santi, when would you like to go? How many people are you trying to recruit?
Annilma - are you at GEBA or Aleman? Come say hi to me if you see a tall, blonde girl riding at Aleman - I'm pretty easy to spot :)

Santi - where are you thinking? I am curious, I'm pretty involved in riding here and I don't know any place to go that isn't an estancia if you want to go trail-riding.
I´m at GEBA, I first went to the Aleman, but they treated me so horribly that I got mad at them. I have some friends who are riding at Aleman...a few Nordic girls, propably quite easy to spot as well :)