How do you get to EZE? (Remis, taxi, bus...)


May 5, 2008
So I'm going to EZE tomorrow and I usually either take a taxi or a remis.

1) Does anyone "swear by" a certain remis? (cheap price? the guy does something extra?)

2) Has anyone actually tried the bus? If so, how long does it take?

3) What's the going rate these days? I haven't been to EZE to fly out in quite a while.

Usually I'm giving the advice, but I need some help on this one.


Ask a cab driver for a fixed price before you get in and be prepared to try 2,3 cabs. Someone will take you for 50 or 60 peso
What area are you looking to take a remise from? The last time I had heard it was about 70 pesos, but I am sure that is low now, as our local remise folks have increased their rates I would assume 100 pesos.

I know there is a company* that has posted here several times and others have said he does a great a search here for that, good luck!

**it is a private business

Found the link...if you go to the "directory" here it is listed under transportation/remise
I generally use Tienda León, though once or twice family have taken me or picked me up.

Last year, travelling light (a single bag), I took the train from Constitución to Ezeiza and the 'bus from there to the airport; the fares totalled AR$3.60.
We ususally call Premium taxi, 5238 0000, ask the lady at the phone for the price : this is a fixed price (the same for every taxi company). Last time we used it it was 70 pesos.
I always call Rodolfo Cutufia (15.6055.5438). He's been written up in a lot of articles about his friendliness and he keeps notebooks that all his passengers sign. My friends took him and invited him to a party where I met him. He's a great guy and there's lots of good conversation. He only speaks Spanish, but with my mediocre Spanish, I can get by. The last time I took him it was $70 pesos.

Here's some articles:

On Accepting Rides From Strangers:

El Taxista Amigo (video):

And his Facebook page:

Give him a call!