How long can one be permanent tourist?


Jul 9, 2009
The question is how long can a person be live in buenos aires on a tourist visa? Besides crossing the border every 90 days are there any other limitations? How long as any one person actually done it? I know people who have been here for up to year, but i feel like after a while someone at the border must realize that you are spending 360 out of 365 days a year in the country and not paying taxes. Is it really that unregulated?
Have a look at my thread in the other forum about permatourists.
Many of us have been here now for several years, going back occasionally or leaving every 90 days... However, immigrations are clamping down on it! So if there's any way you can apply for a one-year or permanent residency, it's probably good idea. I reckon that nowadays you could probably get away with staying here for a year or so without any problems (leaving and coming back every 90 days) but would probably get harassed after that.
If you were to just stay here and not leave at all, you could probably stretch it out for a lot longer, but then again you might come up against some problems banking, with health insurance, travelling (obviously) and goodness knows what else. I'd recommend that if you avoid it...but then again, getting a visa can be a nightmare!