Citizenship - how long?


May 20, 2024

to those who went through citizenship process how long did it take and when was that? (from application till completing the process)


Someone on this forum was able to complete the process himself in record time -- about six months. Do a search and read how he did it.
After my two years as a temporary resident in the category of pensiionado I am applying in October of this year. My lawyer, Gabriel Celano, says it will take 1-1.5 years in process right now. I believe him.So, 3-3.5 years total. This is as an American with zero issues to complicate things
If you do not have criminal records, a citizenship case delays between 6/18 months depending on who is the judge.
Realistically, get a dni via residency of any kind, live here for 2 years and then apply and you can have it after 18 months ; Grand total = approximately 4 years
If you stay two years, without going out of the country, you are entitled to citizenship for free. You do not need lawyer.
There is an office in Libertad with all the judges between Viamonte and Córdoba. They only speak Spanish. You can ask there.
If you have family here, it can take 3 months.
Having a lawyer does not guarantee citizenship, but you are legal in the country with the tramite.
However, you should know that Argentina has a worldwide tax system. They have the right to tax income, property and fortune, (not pensión though) in other countries. The double tax agreements does not help you much. You can speak to an accountant about it.
...They have the right to tax income, property and fortune, (not pensión though) in other countries...
Can you quote a reliable source that says that the government doesn't tax pensions in other countries? They tax retirement income earned here.
That is news to me, because not long ago, my lawyer told me that they do not tax pensions and I read an article about it in a big paper. I am so sorry if I am wrong. I have not been updated on this. Thanks for your comment!