how long to learn spanish?


Feb 27, 2007
Hello. just a quick poll to see how long it took people to become "conversational" with spanish. I have been practicing every day and take classes but I still feel a far way away from being confident. If anyone else has started from scratch and moved their way up to conversational I'd love to know how long it look you. Some people say, 3 months, others 6, some 12, some say more. But most of these people have another langauge under their belt already. also if anyone has any tips that they felt very useful for speeding up the learning processes it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I guess it sorta goes like different guys different highs, I personally have been too lazy, busy or unmotivated to learn spanish to a level which I am content with but to get to the level I'm at I took private lessons, my teacher gave me this 150 page book to which I think I got to page 50 or so and I can like talk about basic things with some ease but when it comes to more complex matters or words I sorta fold. Working with my old teacher could do you some good and giving it a try certainly wouldn't hurt her name is Lilia and she can be reached at (54 11) 4855-4595 and [email protected] . Best of luck
I would agree that it depends on you! The best way is to just start to talk to people, and immerse yourself in the people. Do NOT just hang out with expats, and watch tv in English. Start with some children's books to help you with vocabulary. I took classes in high school for nearly four years (and got a pretty good basis there), and then began working in restaurants in college, and I practiced with the kitchen staff! The biggest event to help me learn was visiting my argentine inlaws with my 4 month old, and without my husband! I had no choice but to learn!
If you have a moderate level of comprehension, a great exercise is to watch Spanish-language films with Spanish subtitles.
Question is up to what level? ;

To communicate with the cleaning lady?
To buy your greens ?
To speak over the phone with your Utility Company about your bill.?
Talk to immigration Officials?

Guess it depends on your age group? your language ability , your dedication, previous knowledge and studies.

Use Spanish online free
Buy a Rosetta stone type Spanish CD from most newsstands, (Av. Santa Fe and Salguero) for under $300
Find Free Spanish Classes @ Public High Schools in your Area
I've lived here for nine years and I'm still getting to grips with it.

Probably a mixture of me being lazy/naturally thick/unsociable/my wife speaking perfect English and me not really wanting to be here longer than is necessary. :D

No doubt a PM about learning Spanish will soon appear in my inbox.
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