How much is the Arg. peso really worth?


A lot of people used to go to Uruguay on the morning boat from Tigre, buy pesos there, and come back on the afternoon boat. Those halcyon days are long gone, sadly!


For those of us who don't live in Uruguay, what difference does that make? The current blue rate here is Buy 1.34 Sell 1.38. The official bank rate is 73.58. I get my money each month via Western Union. Current rate 131.37. That is today. It changes almost everyday.
What is the Vig for Western Union, do you get Peso's or dollars? Thanks


What is the Vig for Western Union, do you get Peso's or dollars? Thanks

It's usually slightly under the ccl rate. It varies but can actually be higher than blue here and there.

Once they shut off the 200usd/mo purchase that the locals can make now I'm sure we'll see some rocketing of the blue rates.


I have a bank account in the U.S.A. I am looking for someone here at CABA that needs to fund their account in the U.S.A. I will deposit in their account and collect here in cash, same currency.
Transfer is immediate, direct, cost is low ,if any.

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Excuse me,people did not take the boat to bring pesos, but green USD that can be extracted from banks and ATMs in Uruguay.
Anyone has an update on Automatic Tellers/ Cajeros in Colonia , maximum limit , commision , etc.

Years ago I used to go around the banks in Colonia for Dollar extractions.. the limit was US$300 twice a day from each bank plus some at the Casino automatic teller . BRU would give you US$1000 cash via teller against your US Visa or Master Credit Card,

The US $300 Limit had nothing to do with the Cash Extraction limit from your CC