How Stupid will America be???


Mar 17, 2008
So now Obama has picked Joe Biden as his Vice President. This is probably the best, smartest move Obama could make (Hillary would have been pretty good too IMO). Joe Biden hasn't used his many many years in the Senate to become a multi millionaire like most of the scum in our Government today. He's a straight talker that says what's on his mind. Now we wait to see who THE GEEZER (McCain) will pick next week (Romney of course, no brainer).

So, if you pick the Geezer, you will get - 4 more years of WAR IN IRAQ, a guy who doesn't know how many houses/properties he owns - 8, a combined income (with his skanky, ex drug dealer wife - she illegally sold prescription meds years ago. it's on the record) of well over 100 Million dollars annually. A guy who's excuse for all the major wrong he's done is his 5 years as a tortured POW (getting a little sick of the EXCESSIVE MENTIONS, like, every 5 minutes..... talk about "milking It" - ENOUGH already Geezer).


MaCain is a Super wealthy out-of-touch very old elitist that dumped his crippled (in a car accident) first wife for a super rich 20 years younger trophy bimbo wife. Ripped off many elderly people with Charles Keating as part of the "KEATING FIVE"....

Why would ANYBODY vote for this Low Life Charlatan? Looks like close to 50% or so plan to. So, How Stupid will America be this November (as stupid as 2000 and ESPECIALLY 2004?)..... Please help, I need to understand this somehow. Dudester
"Joe Biden hasn't used his many many years in the Senate to become a multi millionaire like most of the scum in our Government today."
You do realize that Obama falls into your category of "using his [few] years in the Senate to become a multi millionaire".
It could also be argued that:
1) Electing a young politician who has done basically nothing to possibly be in the White House for the next 8 years simply because the media is in love with the idea of this guy being president would be "stupid". (See current president)
2) Electing a guy who needs a VP to give him "gravitas" is "stupid". (ibid)
3) Electing a guy who's energy plan ("ethanol" in a time of food shortages) is as dumb or dumber the current president's (let Kenny Boy & the Enron guys + Big Oil dictate the energy plan... rolling blackouts anyone?) (ibid)
4) Electing a guy who sounds like a blithering idiot everytime he strays from the teleprompter (ibid)
5) Electing a guy who changes his mind as often as the wind in the Great Plains...
There are many things that could be argued making electing either candidate look "Stupid". It's not as "Black & White" as you'd like to make it look.
"THE GEEZER (McCain)" Do I detect some age discrimination? Or is that OK from your perspective? OR DO YOU THINK AGE DICRIMINATION IS OK BUT RACISM IS BAD? Anyway, just for the record, Senator Biden is 65 years old - just 6 years younger than Senator McCain.

McCain's money. Is he the only wealthy politician? Judging by the looks of Biden's house (shown on TV yesterday), I'd say the Senator is definitely a millionaire. McCain's wealth comes mostly from his wife who (like Mrs. Heinz-Kerry) inherited a great fortune. Last I heard, that is still legal in the US. If not, please tell Mr and Mrs Kerry to return their money for redistribution to the American people.

Obama and "change". Seems funny to me that Hillary Clinton was not good enough for VP because she represented old style politics but Biden has been in politics about ten years longer than McCain and far, far longer than Hillary! If anyone is part of the Washington establishment, it's Biden! Oh and let's take a look at Obama... Lives in a 1.6 million dollar mansion in Chicago thanks to his connection to Tony Rizko.

War in Iraq. Is there such a big difference between McCain and Obama? Obama has backtracked on his primary campaign promises. Listen to Biden describe himself as a "Zionist". Sounds a lot like Bush to me.

Dudester Dude, take a closer look at reality. Obama has already sold out. The "change" he promises - if he manages to get elected - will be purely superficial. IT WILL BE STATUS QUO dressed up in a fancy tailor made suit and a charismatic baritone voice.
Obama has made most of his money - outside of his Senate pay which is pretty high (he was a Lawyer, not exactly selling Corn Dogs at "Hot Dog on a Stick" at the mall) - from writing 2 excellent books that have sold very well - that's not the same as taking tons of cash from "K" street (Lobbist's street) so you can rewrite part of a bill that will help them make millions more in undeserved profits. Marrying a blond bimbo drug dealer skank worth over 100million can't hurt either. Obama's well off, McCain's wealthy beyond belief - BIG DIFFERENCE !!!

Obama's energy plan involves getting heavily involved with alternative, clean energy such as wind and solar - much better than bullsh*ting the people that drilling off shore will give them more oil TOMORROW - total crap, big lie for an ignorant country. It will take AT LEAST 10 years and by then, if we have proper leadership, we will be using much less oil with Hybrids, Hydrogen, and all electric vehicles, trucks, and buses.

On Homes - OBAMA owns ONE house in Chicago. I've seen plenty of pictures of it, it's hardly a mansion. In Los Angeles from 1 to 10 it's about a 5.5 or 6 - about a million dollars which is pretty average in the largest cities. Geezer has 8 properties but can't even remember that fact exactly - how effing out-of-touch insane is that? The total combined worth is somewhere around 13 or 14 Million (just like your typical middle class American - bahahahahahaha).

Man the rest of your points don't even merit response - blithering idiot? WTF are you talking about? OBAMA? The man is one of the best, most articulate speakers on the planet and can EASILY talk clearly and distinctly without any notes or teleprompters anywhere ... Marble mouth Bush must be the clown you're getting confused with (but then he can't even talk with a teleprompter 2 feet away so I'm confused about who you are speaking of). Who changes their mind like the wind? Geezer? Yeah, that whore will say anything to win, this is the last go round for the very twisted messed up dude with the "short man" complex - must still prove himself at this late stage. BTW, It's 2008 but..... He still can't use a computer - Beyond Pathetic !!! He really is a Geezer - is he still listening to 8 track tapes or has he moved up to cassettes - lol.

My theory is American's elect these very damaged, confused, dysfunctional human beings (Bush, Cheney, Liberman, etc) because they seem to be a reflection of the USA as it stands today - Damaged, Confused, Bloated, Broken, Dysfunctional, and pretty much beyond hope. In 1960, when JFK was elected, the USA felt good about itself, now it wants to elect some out-of-it guy who seems to have on going memory problems and has made a "Career" from his repeated-every-five-minutes story of being a POW during the Vietnam war - a one trick pony, a one hit wonder. OK Mavrick, we KNOW the war story already.........

"Electing a young politician who has done basically nothing....." Hmmm, sounds a lot like a dude named John Kennedy, only his wisdom, intelligence, and cool nerves kept us out of an End-of-the-World nuclear WWIII (Cuban Missile Crisis) in 1962 and he also started to pull us out of the idiotic Vietnam War (never happened since he was assassinated). I'll take that "young politician" ANYTIME instead of the one we have now that spent 20 years inside a Vodka bottle (awww, just like all good slacker politicians, barely pulling off the hard work - getting help from powerful fathers - both Bush and McCain needed a lot of "help" from DAD)

CNN ran a detailed history on the younger years of McCain and Obama the other night and McCain came off as just another under achieving frat boy that was interested in mucho drinking and chasing tail, proving himself as usual to all his macho frat boy buddies - sound familiar - yep just like our current 2 term car crash called W. I really don't want an ENCORE - ENOUGH ALREADY with the war loving idiots.....

PS You find a lot of "Experience in Washington" important? Oh, well how about good old DICK Cheney? He's been there FOREVER, nice built-on-total-bull-sh*t war in Iraq he gave us - yep, that "experience" stuff can't be beat..... The way I see it, I'm not making anything look like anything, recent history speaks for itself, the last 7+ years have been a total DISASTER - that's not an opinion, it's a f**king FACT - Stock Market in the toilet, US Dollar worse than that, Jobs going overseas, inflation up, people loosing their homes, bankruptcies way up - yeah, it's been a real party !!! (google it if your memory is somewhat foggy...) Note: Kenny Boy from ENRON died a few years ago (or slipped out of the country with a new ID with the help of GWB - can't say for sure - who knows what these fascist types are up to 24/7)

Can't wait until 10/17 (New Release Date) when Oliver Stone rips "W" a new one - we don't need 4 more years with Geezer taking over, Enough's Enough-enjoy the clip;=1

Should be another GREAT Oliver Stone film....... Thumbs Up (I can already feel it) -lol
Sergio, if Obama doesn't "perform - get it done" in the first 4 years he should be voted out - that's the way the system is suppose to work. No age discrimination (and McCain will be 72 any day now, I think it's 8/29 or 27). He seems too old to handle the stress. Biden's 65 but doesn't "act" like a geezer IMO - it's not about the actual age (number) it's about, do they seem to be up for the task.... I think, at this point, Biden does. Reagan was like that too - old in numbers but young in attitude, seemed up to the task.

Yeah, it's OK to be rich in America but don't expect a super rich President to care about anybody but the super rich. The middle class is disappearing in America and when it does the country is finished. The countries that do the best, are most balanced and sane around the world, are the ones with the largest middle classes. As far as Biden being rich, he takes the Amtrak back to his home in Delaware every night from DC, one of the poorest Senators out of the 100. You gotta admire a guy that puts up with Amtrak for decades and never moved up to some fancy car with driver.

The bottom line is, we can't afford 4 more years of "Bush Policy" - it will be the end of America. 2 billion dollars borrowed a day from China, Japan and beyond, a war that's costing 10 billion a month, and tax breaks for the super wealthy - it's total insanity, a formula for economic and social disaster........
Dudster, Just for the record, AMTRAK runs a great service along the Northeast Corridor called ACELA EXPRESS. It's very fast and comfortable (a lot more comfortable than the TGV train). You can be sure that Senator Biden travels in first class. Before ACELA EXPRESS there was the Metroliner which also ran 1st class coaches. The train is the most practical way to travel from DC to Delaware, so Senator Biden is not making any sacrifice. By the way, it is also expensive. You can check first class fares for yourself. Maybe you come from outside the East Coast but along the Northeast Corridor most people take trains, even the very rich. As for McCain's not being physically up for the job, I can not say. His body seems a little rigid, apparently from the years of torture he suffered in Vietnam. He seems well enough to me, though. You say that Biden seems young despite his age (close to McCain's). I just don't see that. He looks old to me but age does not bother me the way it seems to bother you. Support for the war, I wish he were not so strident on this topic (I never agreed with the war) but I really don't think Obama will be much different. DId you look at the youtube link I posted? Does Biden's ME position seem any different from Bush's? Haven't you seen how Obama has modified his views on the subject? Health care. Do you REALLY think Obama will establish universal care? What happened when Hillary tried? There are too many vested interests. It will not happen. A few bones will be thrown here and there but I promise you that Obama will never establish a European / Canadian style plan. He isn't even talking about it! OBAMA the public speaker: He gives a very good speech, no denying that, but someone else here posted that he needs a teleprompter. That is true. Have you seen Obama when he is interviewed and has no script? He fumbles, is lost for words, and generally looks silly. Reagan was accused of needing a script but Reagan in reality was much better (warmer and more appealing) speaker than Obama, not only in public speaking but in his off the cuff comments. Few reporters, though, point out Obama's deficiencies in this area. WEALTH. Let's be honest, Dudster. Did you make a big fuss about Kerry's wealth? Did you ridicule him for being rich and out of touch? There were a lot of people who felt that way - that his vast fortune and his elitist tastes made him out of touch with reality. How is Kerry's wealth any different from McCain's? And what is wrong with being rich anyway? Of course a large middle class are the core of any society. The US still has a vibrant middle class. It may be shrinking somewhat but compared to just about every other country it is still large and pretty healthy. Do you think it is better in Argentina? I am not arguing that McCain is a great candidate because I don't think he is but he is not LOW LIFE as you say. Nor is Obama a saint. Some people are turned off by Obama's long association with an anti semitic and what seems pretty anti American pastor (Obama's church gave its highest honor to Louis Farahkan - the Hitler lover and notorious anti semite). There is also the issue of abortion which many good people honestly oppose. Some people just see McCain as the "lesser of evils" and don't want to go with an inexperienced man who has the most liberal voting record in Congress. The US is still a pretty socially conservative country and Obama is too far to the left for a lot of people. That doesn't make those who prefer McCain bad people. They have a different perspective.
Dudester- You are RIGHT about everything you mentioned. Kudos. You forgot to mention that John McCain graduated near the very bottom of his class at the Naval Academy and the only reason he was admitted is because his father and grandfather, both Admirals, attended there. Meanwhile, I believe Obama, without the help of his family connections, graduated near the top of his class at Harvard.
Yeah GREAT experience. Graduating at the bottom of your class. Look at the "experience" the current moron had. None and look where that got us. I cannot think of ONE positive thing this current dictatorship has accomplished. Sadly, nearly half of Americans are complete idiots who don't even deserve the right to vote. I said in 2004 that if they reelected (I use that term loosely since he wasn't fairly elected in 2000) that if Idiot Child won, which he did (if you count the voting scams and irregularities in Ohio) that Americans would get what they deserved.As far as I am concerned, GW, Cheney, and GW's b*&&h Condileeza Rice for that matter, should be sent to The Hague to face the international war crimes tribunal like any other dictator and his regime.
Without getting involved in the actually debate I will make one prediction. If McCain wins, there will be a lot more gringos living in Argentina.
Dudester, are you taking your medication?
I'm an Obama supporter myself, but with your obnoxious and insulting posts in his support I think I'll give McCain another look.
"Yeah GREAT experience. Graduating at the bottom of your class."
What do they call the person who graduates LAST in their class from medical school?