How to: Find an Argentine


Dec 8, 2008
In 1972-73, my uncle had an Argentine exchange student staying with them in Dallas, TX. They kept in touch for a while afterward, but that was a...difficult time in this country and they lost touch. He's coming down to visit me in January and I wonder what the best means (aside from the obvious Googling of full name) would be to find out if he's still around and how to get in touch with him.

Any suggestions??

If not, I would try if you have this info, contacting the school that he /she originally attended, they may have the student´s current info. I for example still keep in touch with my class 27 years after graduation and my school has this info.

what was the program that the exchange was done with? for example, AFS which is a program that does high school exchanges has a department that works on reconnecting people such as your uncle and the argentine guy you are looking for
It happened so long ago that I'm pretty sure details like that have left my uncle's mind. Unfortunately, with all the searches coming up short the probability he's suspected for years seems more likely: that he was disappeared. He was a big Peronista and after returning here he and my uncle stayed in constant touch for a good chunk of time and then correspondence from this end stopped suddenly...