I am looking for a business adviser in BA


Dec 8, 2009

I have been in BA for a couple of months now and I am getting very interested in setting up a business here. In short, I would be employing both Argentinians and EU citizens coming to live here for a number of months.

Could somebody direct me to a good, English speaking adviser? I need to learn about employing Argentinian staff, paying salaries and taxes, registering a business etc. It may be a well-informed accountant I am looking for.

Are you going to set up a SA or SRL?

Do you have residency here? If not, you will need someone with residency to be director of the company.

Are you going to be paying your employees en blanco?

You will have to go through incorporation and then additionally register your company to be eligible to bring in foreign employees.

I will send you a PM with my accountant's information and the lawyer that we used as well.

Keep in mind - assuming you are doing everything en blanco - employment laws here are *very* employee friendly. There are large amounts of costs involved and employer taxes. It is also not inexpensive to set up a company and there are ongoing costs involved that (at least for us) were higher than we anticipated.
Basically, I need someone who can tell me everything, including the difference between a SA and SRL.

I own and run a small Danish corporation with 3 employees but my English wife and I would like to set up a business here. Ideally, we would like to have as little as possible to do with the Argentinian bureaucracy and, if possible, pay salaries through the Danish corporation. I don't now if this is possible in Argentina but would like to learn more.

As of now I do not have residency but only a 90 day tourist visa. I would however apply for residency if and when it is needed. Again, Argentinian bureaucracy is rather disheartening, so I aim to keep as much as possible happening through the Danish corporation.

Look forward to the PM ... thanks!