I'll be in BA in June, and maybe July


Apr 18, 2008
My husband will be working in BA for May-July; I'm thinking about how much of that time I'll want to live away from home (Atlanta, USA).We've lived overseas before, in Australia (4 mo) and Vancouver, Canada (8 mo) so I know some of the pros and cons (adventure vs loneliness) I'll be looking for a church community to be a part of; I'm a Presbyterian but am open to other churches. A weekly prayer group would also be a real blessing, to find, or to create.

I'm a photographer, and am looking forward to hooking up with local groups through flickr.com; I did that in Canada and had a great time & had lots of people to do things with. I've got photos at: flickr.com/people/laceybordeaux and at laceybordeauxphotography.comI have been studying Spanish on my own; my (young adult) children & I hope to do a few weeks of Spanish study & I'd love suggestions.Well, that a bit about me -- and I'm really glad to have found this group!Laura Grace Bordeaux
Hi LauraGrace, Welcome to Argentina, in advance. You will love Argentina, it is a cinematic and picturesque place. Rich in history and abundant in culture. The people also are warm and if you get to go outside of the city the people are even more spectacular and genuine sweet people. Do not be swayed by some negative smack talk about BsAs because human nature, you know - tends to see the bad in EVERYTHING rather than the promising and positive things , we love it here. Come with a lot of joy in your heart and no matter what - you will have a lifetime experience to share with your friends and family back home.
This site is a wealth of information source just take it at that and we tend to get carried away with our emotions, from both sides of the aisle, so to speak.
Just give me a holler or call when you get in to town. I have an affinity to your name.
Remember to bring appropriate wardrobe for that time of the year. Good Luck to you, and have a safe trip. Ciao.