In need of Intensive Spanish classes


hi everyone,

I am looking to take some intensive Spanish classes, possibly free or super cheap. I speak a bit of Spanish and I am also here in Buenos Aires to learn Spanish(and work) but I wanted to take an intensive class for a week or two to brush up a bit. Does anyone know a good place I can take classes at or has any recommendations on what to do? Thank you!

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Hi ,
I have just began an intensive class with a guy called Joaquin. He is the first person i have been too that seems to explain things simply for me.
He is also very reasonable and will negotiate if you are willing to take block sessions.

His email addres is;


if you want to do something intensive, i would sign up with a school. Personally i think taking Spanish classes for like a week or two, twenty hours per week, will get you a lot futher a lot faster, and therefore worth the money.

Also, many private teachers charge around 30-40 pesos per hour, which is about 10$ US... If you take 20 hours/week at a school, you will pay about 160US... which evens out to be the same or even maybe less, plus you get to study in a much more professional environment with Spanish language resources, and the chance to meet people and engage in activities!

I have done both, and they both offer a different style of learning, but beacuse the cost is the same and you want intensive, i would suggest a spanish school.

I studied here in October, if you want a recommendation:


check out an excerpt of a email I sent to another friend of mine who was inquiring if knew of a good Spanish teacher:

In regards to my spanish teacher...I think she is amazing! She has been teaching for many years and is very experienced with English speaking natives. She has great material, which she makes copies of for free, she knows it very well and can reference it quickly at any time during the lesson. The material is older because she uses books that she utilized when she was teaching Spanish in Spain, but the Spanish language has not changed much since then, so it really doesn't matter. Any minor differences between spanish from Spain and that here, she has already made note of, in the material and will elaborate on. She speaks English very well and has a natural knack of gauging what level her students are at. She does this by offering a free evaluation prior to beginning. She interjects interesting anecdotes into the lessons regarding Argentine history and will take you up on the offer to meet to discuss politics or economics. She offers explanations to things that make sense to me (i.e. reflexives, pronouns) and she personalizes the lessons surrounding the grammar you go over. She charges very little, much cheaper than other private tutors and she is flexible with scheduling (you can pay after each class or a wk in advance~at least that's been my experience). She located in a great section of Recoletta (next to the cemetery) and last but not least, she serves great coffee or tea when you ask for some (at least for me she does). Overall, I highly recommend her, as I feel that my spanish has improved tremendously since I first started working with her.
Her name is Adriana and her number is 15 65416950. Good Luck!


If you want to be sure of a good teacher with experience, you can check out Spanish schools here as they often offer both group and private classes. At least this way you can be sure of the teacher. I have had a few teachers here that i was not very impressed with, and that besides speaking Spanish, had no experience.

You can usually find teachers profiles too of the teachers and the experience the school expects the teachers to have.

Just a recommendation: Spanish in Buenos Aires !!!!