Need A Good Spanish Intensive Curse, Any Recommendation?


Jun 11, 2012
A friend of mine is comming to the city and is looking to do some weeks of intensive morning and afternon Spanish curse, If any of you have some good place to recomend or information like prices, place in where the school is?, group composition? and any detail you can mention it would be preciated.
I've heard that Vos is a decent place to learn some Spanish curses. ;)
I studied at IBL and enjoyed the classes, though ultimately I'm not sure how much I got out of it. It cost about $200USD/week for 20 hours (4 hours per day).
Thank guys, i'm looking for a complete day 8 hours curse, but i will check in that schools, any other recommendation?
There are usually "intensive" options at the language schools, which is four hours a day in a group class and then two hours a day with an individual teacher. So, that's six hours a day! Which is exhausting. Many schools also have a bunch of add-ons, like tango or museum visits or whatever and that can make the experience much more interesting.

Honestly, it is really hard to spend eight hours a day in a language class and at some point becomes counter-productive (the brain will shut down!) unless the classes and activities are mixed up a bit.
I went to Ibero for nine weeks two years ago and loved it. In fact, I hired my teacher from Ibero as my private tutor when I returned last year. Now we meet every week for conversation in English and Spanish so she can improve her English. The rates are better than most other schools and it's pretty centrally located on Uruguay in Congresso. They may allow him to take both the morning and afternoon session back to back, but I agree with Lulu that it may fry their brain. Maybe a morning group session with a few extra private lessons every week for more intensive technical work.

Hope this helps:
I think most of those schools are a waste of time and way too expensive. I went to one of them for a week, and I spent most of the time waiting for students to arrive (usually at least a half hour late and hungover), with a huge break after an hour for coffee, etc. etc. I had no interest in spending four hours at some school in order to get two hours of class. Instead, I found an excellent tutor and went to private class three times a week for about two hours. I'm positive I got more out of it in 6 hours a week than I would have gotten in 20 hours of a traditional language school. I know there are lots of tutors recommended on this forum, but mine was Adriana Crom. She teaches out of her very quiet apartment in Recoleta. Her email is [email protected] and phone is 4814-0792. Best of luck!