In & Out of "Migracion" in 30 minutes


May 5, 2008
I did not want to go to Colonia again and so I went to the Migraciones building today. First of all, the Guia T is not correct. The building is about 7 blocks west of where it should be according to the Guia T.
Well by the time I got to the building it was about 11:10am and I had to be somewhere at 12:00pm. I didn't think that I would have time to take of anything, but I just wanted to check out the mob scene.
I was looking for a 90 day Tourist visa extention. I didn't see that anywhere, so I grabbed the first "Take A Number" that I came across. I soon walked up to someone who told me (in Spanish) that I needed to go around the row of windows to the room next door.
I walked around the row of people helping people (you pass around on the right side, then walk left) and walked up to a lady at a table giving out pieces of paper with numbers on them. Instead of printing a number for you when you tell them what you need, they just print up a bunch and then try to figure stuff out. The lady told me to walk to the far side of the big room and talk to somebody (again in Spanish).
I walked over to some 20-somethings sitting next to each other behind computers but with no one to help. I started butchering Spanish to one girl and she had the guy next to me help me. I asked him what time they opened in the morning tomorrow (Friday), because I had to meet someone at 12:00pm and I would have to leave.
He saw that I had my passport and the AR$100 required for the visa renewal so he said "Come with me". We walked back across the room and he talked to a lady. Then he told me "Wait 5 minutes" (in English). I mentioned that I didn't have copies of my passport (it turns out that you need a copy of EVERY PAGE of your passport), so he took it from me and said "Wait 5 minutes" (again in English).
I waited and the guy came back with a stapled group of ~11 pages of paper that contained all of the pages in my passport. He didn't charge me a dime. Then he walked away.
I sat down in front of a lady who typed some things into the computer. She then gave me a printed form and pointed diagonally across the room to some "CAJAS" where I had to go pay my AR$100. I did.
I came back and gave the lady my receipt and other paperwork. She put it with my passport and copies and placed it on the desk behind her. That lady took 3 minutes to get to it and I was done. Passport, with new stamp, back in my hand and I was out the door at about 11:39am. Que Barbaro!
Sometimes things don't take forever in this town!
You're a lucky duck! The day I went they had a protest and all the people working in the particular area where I was waiting (where you go to renew the 90 day visa) went home!