indian and asian curry pastes


Not sure about curry pastes, but yesterday I saw cans of curry powder and Indian spicies at the Disco on Quintana 366 (Recoleta). They are a imported brand "Rajah". I believe I've seen these as well at Jumbo (Palermo) and Carrefour (Alcorta) a long time ago.


I found curry paste in barrio chino at a few of the supermercados - bought a great thai red curry paste and fairly inexpensive coconut milk. Also stocked up on sriracha sauce..


The Disco on Quintana listed 2 above also has ~inexpensive Coconut MILK as well as slightly more expensive Coconut CREAM. (Didn't know there was a "Coconut Cream".)


Casa China has a wide selection of Curry's and the lowest prices I've yet been able to find, so I'd recommend getting your stuff there. Just made Channa Masala with some spices I brought with me from the states, though...delicious!


strangely enuf the little store in the japanese botanical garden used to carry a fast package of curry they are in boxes about 3 by 8 inches i dont remember the brand maybe it was called golden curry in two strengths inside package little tubs of solid paste that you added to water meat onions etc and make a really great easy curry


If you have a way to visit a Walmart, Disco or Jumbo, you might find Rajah brand, Really good spices--

Harley girl Thanks for the recipe! I have just made Chicken Tikamassala ( not sure if it is typed correctly), but sure tastes Delicioso!


If you've been craving a spicy, flavorful meal at home, I have a recommendation for you:

In Chinatown last week, I discovered a pungent and oh-so-delicious Thai green curry paste from the brand "Nam Jai." I followed the quick and easy chicken recipe on the label, in English, and voilà! The best part is that the recipe is versatile in that you can adjust the level of spiciness by the amount and type of chilis you add (duh). You can use it alone for a mildly spicy meal or add jalapeños and make your husband sweat profusely like I did :)

So, here's the lowdown:

Cost: $16 ARS for 500 grams (50g serves 3-4 persons in their recipe)
Where: Asia Oriental at Mendoza 1655 between Arribeños and Montañeses (Tel. 4706-3980)
Bus 29 stops directly across from the store entrance

There's an identical red curry paste available but I, arbitrarily, chose green. You'll find it packaged in an unassuming, clear plastic bag with white labeling on a shelf towards the registers, if that helps at all.

You can find the recipe's few remaining ingredients at that supermarket as well. By the way, they have an impressive variety of fresh herbs (basil, rosemary, mint, thyme, parsley) for $3.5 ARS per bundle.

For the recipe, you'll need 400g chicken, 400ml coconut milk ($17 ARS, "Chef's Choice," blue can) and some fresh basil along with either rice or noodles and some cooking oil. Chilis and bamboo shoots are optional. I bought a small can of jalapeños from "La costeña" for $4.2 ARS and they're all you need to take the recipe from mild to extremely spicy.

So as you can see, the most expensive component of this chicken dish is the coconut milk which isn't cheap but it truly makes the meal.

Hope this helps someone. Let me know if you try it out or have any similar suggestions yourself!


Thanks Michelle, I thought it was only us Brits (outside Asia) who appreciate real spicy oriental food.
you can get a delicious curry in Palermo, Av. Scalabrini Ortiz and Charcas, at the corner. It´s a "dietética" and there are many things interesting.
Good luck!