Indian food


Oct 15, 2008
My mother in law is visiting in a week and she loves Indian food. Does anyone have any favorites they'd like to share?
I've been to Tandoor, Katmandu, Mumbai, and La Reina Kunti. Any others that you like?

I've heard good things about Bangalore from multiple people. I would say avoid Taj Mahal - pretty overpriced and bland.

On a similar topic, anyone know of an Indian restaurant that delivers (Palermo area)?
I might add my review of the Indian restaurants I've visited, for anyone interested.
My favorite is Mumbai. I'm a huge fan of samosas, and theirs are stupendous. The curries are wonderfully high quality, and spiced to pleased. Try the garlic nan in addition to basmati rice. And don't forget the sweet yogurt lassi, though the salty one is also very good.
La Reina Kunti, not sure if I hit them on a bad day because many of my Indian friends Love, love, love this restaurant. I found the food bland. But the atmosphere is wonderfully cozy and the wandering cat is adorable.
Katmandu, I really enjoy this place. I've been fortunate enough to catch live Indian music here, and it really added to the experience. The food is always good. The owners are welcoming, the staff not so much. The price is about the same as Mumbai, though the quality is slightly lower.
Tandoor is partly owned my an old friend of myself and my husband's from Boston, so we really wanted to love it. First, no samosas. The curries seemed diluted. The service is great. Atmosphere and location are breathtaking. Garlic nan was good. Lassi also good.
I'm not educated in Indian cuisine, so don't know the difference in what comes from which region. Perhaps my taste are not honed to the particular region in which Tandoor specializes.
When all is said and eaten, I must say I adore Mumbai.
But am very open to trying and supporting other Indian cuisine restaurants in BA.

And, AMAT, thanks for the suggestion of Bangalore. Will try it out next week!

I´ve also had mixed experiencies with Reina Kunti, but I would say it´s quite ok.

With Bangalore I´ve mainly had good experiences, it´s been a while now since I ate Indian food, but I would recommend Bangalore as well.
Tandoor is a joke. Food nothing special, tiny portions and way overpriced. We left there still hungry. The waiter also states when the bill arrives that the prices on the menu are not accurate. I refused to pay his "increase" and just walked out.
unfortunately, i find that small portions and high prices are usually the norm when talking about indian food.....that being said, as far as taste goes, on an average dish by dish basis, tandoor is still the best place in town for my money, especially the chicken tikka masala.

maybe it's just a mental thing, but the cooks are all from india, not just argentines that have been taught to cook indian food.....great silverware and oil lamps from of the owners brings back spices from india whenever he travels.....
I'm also not a fan of Tandoor. The tiny portion I had had no flavor what so ever, not spice at all. I was very disappointed as I was looking forward to it.

Having said that, the naan was good. Me like naan! :D
Tandoor is very average. I really don't see myself repeating.
I have tried Kathmandu and their Fish curry was awesome. My veggy friend was not impressed though with his fare.
Tulsi is excellent for Indian vegetarian food. But its only open on weekdays. Also, the food is a bit spicy for the Argentina palate. :)
I tried the new Delhi Durbar on Viamonte. Its pretty good. We tried Mango Lassi, Chicken Tikka masala and Lamb Biryani. Give it a shot.
Really don't like the curry in bangalore. Ordered a saag once and got a chicken's ribcage in spinach and cream sauce. Peppercorns seem to be used instead of curry powder as well. Mumbai wasn't bad, pretty unremarkable and I got violent food poisoning afterwards which put me off going. I haven't found Thai food or indian food done well anywhere... that said there's a closed door restaurant which is supposed to be really good.