Infant Formula U.S. to B.A.


Sep 9, 2009
It didn't occur to me before today's visit with our pediatrician, but she said that we should find out about the options for baby formula in B.A. and prepare for the fact that it's going to be different than the formula we use here. Has anyone had any experience with this? We use Similac Advance now, but by the time we move we'll likely be in the Go and Grow.

I'm not exactly sure what I need to know here. I guess, what's the formula like? Are the major brands available here available there as well? Has anyone transitioned from one to another without issue or with issue.

Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.

I'm still breastfeeding my son so I haven't had to do the transition to the formula here, but from what I've seen you will not find the same brands of formula here. I was told by a friend who does use the formula that there is a lot of sugar in it and it actually tastes like a she had problems transitioning her son back to the US brands not the other way around. I would recommend bringing as much of it down here with you as possible to smooth the transition.

Best wishes!
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I agree, I couldn't find a brand without sugar.

If you go to this online supermarket

and on the menu bar on the right select

mamas y bebes


alimentacion infantil



you will see most of the major brands
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