Intellectual and Cultural Life in Buenos Aires


Oct 25, 2005
A number of threads on this forum have dealt with practical everyday problems: where to buy yoghurt, where to buy olive oil, and where to get laid being some examples. However -- and conspicuous and telling by its absence -- has been any discussion of the intellectual and cultural life of this metropolis. This life does exist here. As is my wont, I've spent many an hour browsing in bookshops. Many of the books I've read in English are to be found here in Spanish: Althusser, Baumann, Zizek, Foucault, and so on. But who reads these books, and what cultural and intellectual circles exist here?
There's quite a bit that's below the surface here. For instance, there's the Argentina Chess Club, at the intersection of Paraguay and Ayacucho, which I frequent from time to time for some speed games. The players exhibit a high level of chess erudition, and manage to acquire chess literature which must by their budgets be exorbitantly priced. I knew that such a club must exist because Argentina has a rich chess history (with famous players such as Najdorf, Panno, and Pilnik). Yet a question about chess raised on this forum last year produced next to nothing by way of response.
As for chess, there must be places to discuss literature, philosophy, and history. Does anyone know about such circles? What and where is the cultural life in this city?
Don´t panic! I knew Buenos Aires couldn´t be that hostile... and there is culture in english going on... with spanish subtitles... :)
Check this link
Also there is a Celta Festival on Sept. 16th, you can check schedule up on, with typical dishes and music (I am not sure how "aggiornatti" are the music and dishes, so please those with celtic ancesters be kind and welcome good intentions;)
"pbrian" said:
If there is anybody who would like to discuss some postmodern philosophy (particularly French), I would be open to attending or trying to start such a group. Thoughts??
Now you tell me. I've only got another week to go in BsAs. I feel like sobbing with relief. There is someone here interested in the life of the mind. Someone acquainted with Marcuse, Debord, Adorno, and the Frankfurt School. My faith in humanity has acquired a new lease on life.