International Operator in Argentina


Oct 18, 2007
Does anyone know how to connect to the international operator in Argentina to make a collect call to the USA. A web search gives me "000" for the international operator but I just get a recorded message.
I can't answer your question, but will come back withone of my own, Why bother.
If you go to a locotorio to phone it is so cheap it really is not worth bothering with.
My wife phones my daughter in Bournemouth UK (you know how women can talk) and it has never cost me more than 15 pesos, usually much less.
If you use a mobile (cell) it will cost you a mortgage but there is a locotorio on every block, they are cheap as chips and you can watch the meter to see how much it is costing you.
As far as I know it should be the 000. Or you can always get a " tarjetas para llamadas internacionales" at any kiosko and just go with that ( it is a lot cheaper also ) What Maikito says is correct though, some people hire different long distance providers.
If you diall 000 and don't get the int'l operator....there is probably a int'l long distance plan for the line your using. I rememer that I once used TELMEX as my long distance provider for intenational calls and if I dialed 000 i would not get the telecom int'l operator.
If your line is Telecom, you have to dial 000, then the recording gives you a few options, if you then dial 1, you should get the operator ( I just tested it on my phone ) What Maikito says is correct though, if you don´t get the message and then operator after dialing one, then u must have some intl service associated to your line...
Thanks Folks, I ended up installing Skype and it works very well even with my slow connection. :)

I left my ATM card in the cash machine last night :eek: so I was in a bit of a panic this morning. :eek:

No fradulent charges so I lucked out. :D
Yeah, don't call collect. I am sure it will cost you a fortune. Skype works pretty well (a few problems for me), but the Locutorios are fantastic and super cheap.

And even landlines with phone plans are still very expensive compared the USA.