Internet Cafes near Barrio Palermo


Nov 15, 2008
My laptop died and I haven't picked up a replacement yet. Any recommendations on internet cafes in/near Palermo that have PCs? Thanks.
What seems to be the problem with the laptop? I am a IT guy with over 15 years experience and I am just curious.
"Barrio Palermo" is almost like someone from NYC saying "In the Manhattan area".

There are locutorios on nearly every street with a business in this city. Get outside, walk down the sidewalk, and look for the red locutorio sign that has an icon of a "mouse" on the locutorio sign.

If that doesn't work, look in the doors that say "INTERNET" on the front window and have about a kazillion computers inside.

Good luck.
Napolean - thanks, I was hoping this was the case - I realize I was being generous in my geographic bounds.
JHB1216 - the hard drive finally failed, and the keyboard has been torturing me for a long time - it's an old Mac that has served me well - to be honest, I have been looking a reason to get a new laptop - thanks for the offer though!