Slow Internet


Aug 17, 2023
Hello all,

I am using Personal Flow for my internet and tv service. The bill is quite high and I find that the speed is terribly slow for me to work remotely. Anyone else know of a better provider of service? I am in Palermo.
How slow is 'terribly slow,' measured in Mbps? Have you tried to complain to Personal about it? A friend of mine missed a payment once, and they limited his internet speed without notifying him.

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Check out IPLAN. I have Personal in my Palermo Hollywood apartment and generally it was pretty good over the past years but lately it glitches or will go out from time to time. It's frustrating. I installed IPLAN in my Recoleta apartment 2 months ago and been flawless. It was super cheap too. Very very fast. They have a sign up special so check them out.

Try measuring the speed of your laptop see if you get the rated 300 Mbps. If you are connecting via wifi you may get considerably lower speed. Check the speed with your cell phone . You may try to connect by Cable to your modem to increase your speed.
I'm using Personal Flow in Belgrano right now, 100Mbps contracted last year, now 280Mbps down, 30 up with an iPhone 12. Latency 16ms, all measured with Speedtest / Ookla like John recommends.
I'm with Personal as well and get/pay for 1Gbps at home when connected via ethernet. That being said, I don't ever recommend using their modem/router device as it's not WiFi 6E which can help a lot with devices that support it and overcrowded bands in buildings. Connect to your router via ethernet and do a speed test, this will tell you what you're actually getting, and if it's a line issue or router issue.