Internet censored !!


Feb 19, 2008
Just for the record, I am NOT a reader of trashy U.S. tabloids, but I did discover that they are BLOCKED from my Internet connection here in Buenos Aires, and it's the same for a few friends of mine. Internet censorship (minus kiddie porn) kind of creeps me out.

Check it out for yourself and see if anyone can access these sits with a direct (non-proxy) net connection in BsAs
Can't reach them from holland either. I don't think it has anything to do with censorship/.
"ReemsterCARP" said:
Can't reach them from holland either. I don't think it has anything to do with censorship/.

A friend of mine mentioned that perhaps it's a copyright issue on the part of each of those Tabloids.. that they don't want the external world stealing their content and so on. Interesting idea.. not sure if it's true or not. It's just rare to come across sites that are not accessible on the WORLD wide web.

I'm kind of relieved to know that it's not just Cristina infringing the freedom of information for the sake of 'nuestro pueblo' or whatever she stands for....
Time to worry folks !! I can access both those sites from the UK. I am using a US company web provider, don't know if that makes a difference.
Probably they do have an article included related to south america, argentina or whatever/whoever and restricted access to their site to some countries.Take a look at Wikipedia. They did it before to UK readers.

In early March 2007 the paper blocked access to its website for British and Irish readers because a story about Cameron Diaz
that they had published in 2005 and for which she received an apology
had appeared on the site. The apology concerned a story it had run in
2005 entitled “Cameron Caught Cheating” which turned out to be false –
an accompanying picture was just an innocent goodbye hug to a friend,
not evidence of an affair.
This is not censorship per se. Well, it's certainlly not censorship from outside. It is the website themselves that are blocking your ability to see the site. Many many sites are blocked by location. If you are outside the country that they are published or broadcast in, you can't see the content or only some of the content. There is lots of website & content that are blocked like including thing like videos on ABC site or ITV site. You can't see those videos outside the US/UK respectively (caveat: unless you are using a proxy which makes it look like you are in that country).
Going through a US provider, like TangoBob does, makes the site think that you are in the US.
Not working from Argentine IP, however using my work VPN (US IP) I can... :/
There are a bunch of websites that are censored from here, and the list is growing. It started with "" and now there are thousands of sites blocked from Argentina, it's all over the web, google it.