internet football

I discovered a website that broadcasts some of the major networks in the U.S. including ABC, CBS, and ESPN. The quality's not great, and it probably won't last long once the networks find a way to quash it, but for now you can at least some live coverage of your teams. I was unsuccesful at copying the link into the text. You can google TVU Player and find the download.
I've been using TVU Player for the two months that I've lived here. It's pretty awesome for watching games. I just wish all the networks were not from Cali. I can't watch all my teams. Do you know of any other ways to watch sports from the US?-Other than MNF in Spanish etc.
I don't know if you noticed, but TVU took ABC off its lineup. There is a bar here that shows most of the games if you haven't heard it already, Shoeless Joe's Alamo.