Internet Speed via Cable and Wi/Fi ?


Yo can manage both by cable or wifi the 1000 mbs depending on the router you have, but for wifi to reach that speed you will need to enable the 5ghz connection, normally it comes enabled by default, and your device should have 5ghz capability, most modern devices do now a days. Another think to consider, is the distance to the router, while i'm on the living room, that is the same room that the router is, i get 1000 mbs, exactly the same as the provider claims. But 5ghz is not to good trespassing walls, in my bedroom, 2 walls away i get around 400 mbs, and in the farthest room of the house is only around 80 mbs but very inestable after 3 or 4 walls not recommended. On the other hand wired connections always offer the full speed..


In the UK I use Powerline devices on the mains in place of long Ethernet runs but I have been told that they don't work so well over here. Any experience? Australian Powerline products would plug in - obviously - but I don't want to go to the trouble if it's a waste of time.


Usually, kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etc are on separate electric circuits down here.
Kitchen and AC need higher Amp lines and are kept separated from the rest and reinforced.
Rest might also be partitioned hence ethernet over power line might not be a solution.