Introducing my self


Jan 21, 2010
Hello everyone! I am Argentinian born, who lived in US and Canada for longer then I was in Argentina. I been thinking on moving back to Argentina, in the passed three flights I been taking to Argentina. I love my country, but I find my self being more of an expatriate then a National native. I would like to make some friends here and possible exchange important information about my country. I will be arriving back to Argentina in June/July 2010. Can someone tell me? am I more of an expatriate then a native Argentinian?

thank and hope to hear from you all!
You are 100% Argentinian.

You wouldn't be considering moving here from Canada if you weren't!

You're still welcome here though....

Hello, Esmeralda...

I was also born in Argentina, spent most of my life in the US, and am now happy in Buenos Aires. In my view, people like us are always expatriates, no matter where we live.

Choosing between the two countries can be hard and it depends on your personal circumstances. In my view, it is better to stay where you have family. Apart from that, your age matters: IMHO, the US is a better place to be young, but Argentina is a better place to be middle aged or just plain OLD.
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