Introducing myself

David Poles

Mar 21, 2010
Hello everyone,
my name is dave. I am 40, married and am a psychotherapist,counselor, coach. My wife sandra is from argentina. She wants to move back with me as well. I have been to argentina 6x. It is a beautiful country. I am from boston. I am trying to decide whether or not this makes sense. I have some good things going for me here in boston but i realize that moving could be a growth opportunity. I would be interested in hearing from others and how they came to make their decision.

David Poles said:
I have some good things going for me here in boston

This is the crucial point......why would you give that up for the uncertainty of living in a third world country on the verge of hyper-inflation?
Having an Argentine wife and the support of her family is much different than being an expat who comes here without such support. I think Argentina would be a difficult place to live without some kind of social network. You likely already have much more understanding of the culture than the average expat who comes here because it seemed like a good thing to do at the time. If you are interested in the experience of living here and making your wife happy, you should give it a try. Be realistic about the economic reality of living here though. Don't burn those bridges in the US.
I hope your wife has a major income potential because once you move won't.
Being a therapist I am not sure what kind of growth you mean!

I agree living here is a growth opportunity...of the mental, emotional, and spiritual kind -- growth of the life kind. Living here and visiting here are really two different experiences. Living here is never without challenge and constant daily frustrations, like this morning when my loving boyfriend went to make my coffee and accidentally melted my coffee maker's handle when he forgot to load the Italian espresso maker with water. That could happen to anyone, anywhere, but the way I describe my life here to friends is this: if the universe is constantly moving towards chaos and our tasks as humans is to try to construct some semblance of order on top of this chaos which we will call our LIVES, the velocity at which all things move toward chaos in Argentina is much HIGHER than in the States.

Still, because of confronting the challenges, I have learned not to sweat the small stuff and enjoy life more and not get so caught up in material things (which constantly are breaking anyway before my eyes!). Of course, I have a little help from my psychoanalyst here! Living here has made me more resilient and flexible - like when I am reviewing a semester's worth of Differential Equations in a three hour class in Spanish and sweating buckets from the heat, I barely even notice anymore.

I think living here is an experience worth having, and if you two are compelled and not super tied down in Boston, why not plan to try it out for a few years?

My Argentine psychoanalyst here charges me 60 pesos per therapeutic hour (I think roughly 17 USD), though I am sure some may charge up to 90 or 100. So if you are thinking economic or business growth, especially as an individual therapist, this would be nearly impossible. And whether you are a fluent Spanish speaker, if your practice has been in English thus far, it could really limit your client market.
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