iPhone Sim Cards


Jun 4, 2012
Ola mi amigos,

New to BA and have just realised they do not sell iphones here due to the company not having a factory in Argentina. OK no big dramas as I am getting a mate to bring an unlocked one in from the UK.

My question is does anyone know if the providers eg: Movistar/Claro/personal etc do the mini sim cards that are needed for iPhone 4s?

They didn't charge me anything for the sim but I signed up for an ongoing contract with unlimitted voice & data, it costs about 100 USD per month.
3G is pretty poor here. Movistar has been horrible. You can get access to it on prepaid. Search the forums for quite a few threads on the topic.
i just went through this process. You get the mini sim card, but generally on a prepaid basis, which is quite expensive. I asked at Personal. If you want to get a plan, they require DNI and at least a visa of 18 months.
Any sim card can be an iphone sim card, all you need to do is cut it. There is even a tool for it, looks like a stapler, I am sure there are ppl who can do it, if not, I have one which you can use if u want.
Yes in Mercado libre for 8000 pesos, if you pay that much for a phone you either have to much money or need a reality check.. Haha