Ipod issues...


Mar 10, 2007
does anybody know a store that sells (authorized or not) Ipod accessories here in Buenos Aires? With that being said, would there be any compatibility issues w/ my Ipod being from the States and buying something for it here?
there is an ipod store on Gorostiaga in Las Canitas. It is on the right hand side of the street coming in from LM Campus, right after the Arce street. Good luck
...ipod accessories store...not an apple ipod store - just a correction. thanks
There is an APPLE store in the microcentro on Paraguay near the intersection of Paraguay and Reconquista. I don't know what they have in there though. I went in there one time to inquire about buying another battery for my laptop (I couldn't find one in 4 states back at home due to the recall) which they didn't have. I didn't inquire about their Ipods though. The only compatabliltity issues that you should have would be those dealing with a voltage attachement.

be aware that everything related to apple (computers, ipods, any hardware) is double the price of europe and more than double the price of the US. same with pretty much all electronics in argentina.
thanks everybody, good input for sure. I'll check out those spots soon. All I'm looking for is one of those Ipod sound dock things so I can play my tunes w/o having to have headphones or be at my laptop. Figured the price would be high, but guess that comes w/ the territory. We'll see. Thanks again