Irish ´Hurling´ in Buenos Aires profiled on Irish TV


Mar 17, 2008
In the run up to St. Patrick´s day Ireland´s national channel; RTE are running a feature about Irish people ´flying the flag´ in some more atypical locations around the world.

One of the 5 profiles is about an Irish guy living in Buenos Aires who is teaching hurling, which is Ireland´s national and most popular sport. (by hurling I am not talking about what a lot of people are going to be doing after ´el día de la cerveza´ on Wednesday)

Give it a look here and well as the producer of the piece would be delighted for any votes...if you do think its the most interesting profile among the 6.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig

I went to Ireland for two weeks just before I moved to Buenos Aires. Soon after the move, I watched Ireland's 2nd teamers play the Pumas en estadio Velez. But I've never seen Hurling live. That would be fun to check out sometime.

PS- I voted for the video. ;)
You missed out on the Hurling All Stars when they were here in December, they played a relatively competitive Hurling game out at the Hurlingham Club, and had a great time in BsAs while they were here.
Great story. He needs another 3,000 votes to be in the running, some serious votage for the paddy in Peking.
Hey Liam,

thanks for that.

I have a few shots from the All stars visit in the RTE profile and now the plan they are hoping for is to take a group of the kids to play a match during the half time at an All-Ireland final.

Actually got a really nice interview recorded with Sean Og O´hAlpin during the trip talking about what it meant to him to visit Argentina, was really interesting and I must put it online sometime.


It sure was a good day out at the Club. I used to work with Alan McCrabbe's sister, and in fact my son used to date another one of the McCrabbe girls, so had a good chat with him - and heard the tales about the trips to the Kilkenny from the lads :) (You can edit that bit out!).....

If RTE are ever looking for a piece on those of us who took the Government Incentivised Career Break, and where they all went, then let me know! I'm one!

Votes have been cast - Lets spread the word :)