Is Argentina Doomed?

HotYogaTeacher said:
Any economist will tell you, government and national personality aside, that with 20% (plus?) inflation annually a crash is guaranteed. An economy, and the humans who live inside its confines, can not sustain that kind of imbalance.

Expats don't leave because of things like that. They will leave if there is rioting in the streets and their semi-retired, pseudo-vacation lifestyles are threatened and they feel unsafe. They won't leave because the economy crashed, expats do better when everything is cheap. We don't earn here, mostly. Basically, expats are not what you have to worry about, we live frugally and contribute little to the economy. The thing that will go, for a while, is tourism. One little riot and all the ladies will cancel their tango romance adventures and stay home to take pilates in Manhattan.

In the end, the reason so many expats moved here is because the last crash made it crazy affordable. Another one will do the same. Eventually the cycle will repeat, and expats wont be impacted one whit, but the locals will continue to suffer, and yes, I do think they need a national overhaul on how they approach problems. But I didn't come here to change Argentines, I came here to get to know them...


And now that you know them better, you are on here. I completely understand.
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