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hi ! when i was last in BA i was surprised to see so many people walking around in hospital uniforms, green ones, blue ones, even pink ones... does anybody know what each of the colours represent? nurses? doctors or even janitors? just wondering.......


No, the colors really don't mean anything...it's just personal preference generally. Some private clinics may require their personnel to use a particular color but this isn't typical.


Stafford said:
Guessing you must have been staying in Barrio Norte around the Facultad de Medicina?
austgirl said:
no... junin...recoleta...
Let's just say that you're both right.

The UBA Facultad de Medicina takes up the block of Junin to Uriburu, Paraguay to Marcelo T. Alvear. Depending on who you talk to this is Barrio Norte or Recoleta. (Or getting towards Once.)

Just west/northwest of this you have a HUGE public hospital complex.

Very close to there (or also in that building) is the Dental school as well as all the places you buy Dental Office supplies.

Just on the other side of Cordoba and closer to Callao you have Salvador's Facultad de Medicina and other stuff.

Bienvenido a mi barrio.


PS- I wasn't sure if "Austgirl" stood for "Austin girl" meaning you were from Austin, Texas... or simply "Australian girl" or "Austrian girl". But after I saw that you misspelled "colours", I realized that there's no way you were from Austin. :p:p


Walking down M.T. Alvear in this area is amazing! I've got to believe that these few blocks supply every dental chair in the entire country, if not all of South America!


Actually surgeons were green or white. Nurses and doctors in general would depend on each hospital/medical center (blue, bordeaux, and pink are the most common).


But after I saw that you misspelled "colours", I realized that there's no way you were from Austin. :p:p[/quote]

oh my god! i "misspelled colours"? yes you are right ... im australian and i speak english ie. the queens english... not.. "american" LOL


austgirl said:
. . . . i speak . . . the queens english... not.. "american" LOL
None of us speaks "American". Many of us do speak one American dialect or another of English. And then there're a couple of odd dialects further to the north.