Just saying hello


Dec 28, 2009
I am visiting the country for anything up to 6 months depending how things pan out. I am staying in BS until after the New Year while I plan a trip around Patagonia. If anyone has personal experiences, recommendations or tips that they would care to share they would be welcome.

The challenge seems to be actually getting into some of the National Parks once you either fly into the nearest airport or bus into the nearest town. I am toying with the idea of buying a car and touring that way although I am a little concerned at the way people drive over here.

Does anyone have any views on this and any tips on buying vehicles here?

Happy New Year to all and sundry,


Tierra del Fuego for instance is lovely, and wih the fjords, the lake and the desert you've got like a bonsai of Patagonia in a place the size of Maine. You can certainly rent a car in Ushuaia and maybe leave it in Rio Grande:
Get to Lapataia Nat Park, the peaks and hidden mountain lakes you can only access by car, then to Lake Fagnano, and then watch the scenary gradually turn from forest to steppe, from alps to tables, from the Magellan Strait to the open Atlantic of Rio Grande.

The're a decent paved road that connectds both cities.

Welcome to the South of the South!
There is an old prison in Usuaia which is a museum now. It was destined for three times losers (reincidents, in Spanish).
The prison (and most of the city itself) was built with prison slave labor, a precedent for the KULAG system in Russia.
There are guided tours, and many pictures and signs,etc; in Spanish and English as well.
Also right there are the residues of the old Lighthouse of the End of the World, that used to be located in the Isla de Los Estados( or Staten Island).
Bring your cameras and...shoot!