karaoke/food/drinks night out


Oct 21, 2009
right you lot,listen carefully.I am going to arrange for us all to meet up,and I mean ALL,ok?in June to party .let your hair down,sing like you,ve never sang before,eat,get tipsy.but most of all,have a real good time....ok NO BOTTLERS...you are either in or out,,so easy..I can,t sing,but I,m gonna give it my best shot to start the night and you guys can back me up..are you up for it?do you enjoy a real good night out?don,t let me down eh?or I,ll move in with you....now you.re worried:rolleyes:I,m going back to the Uk for three weeks and I want to know if you,re up for it?.So when I return I can arrange it..ok? who,s in?----don,t be shy..you have ONE life....live it;)
Gulp..... Only coz there is no room for you to move in here... In.... (and boy I can clear a room when I sing!)
HowardinBA said:
where are all the "let,s meet up" people?

It's in June!!!
Maybe it's an argentine idiosincrasy but I'm not telling you until one week before the date! :p
yessss!!!I can't sing but love to, for the unfortunate listeners. BUT I can dance!!
I am here with all the let's meet up people and I will be GONE at that time. FYI I don't like Kareoke....but love asados!!!!!!!
like the other party said....june.....its like light years ahead for us locals to make a promise!!!!!!!!! you go back to England quite often,no.Miss the place or just business....suerte
to see Nottm Forest in the play offs...

I just want an idea,before I go,to see how many are up for it..size of place to book etc,,