Karaoke in Buenos Aires?


Mar 19, 2009
Does anyone know a fun place that does Karaoke regularly? Ideal place would not be exclusively tourists/expats but also offer a decent amount of songs in English.

I have seen one place in front of the cemetary in Recoleta but I assume it would be expensive and full of tourists.

Any suggestions much appreciated!
Hey there is a great Korean restaurant that is surrounded by Karaoke in Flores.

It's the rent a room style.

> Bin Guan (or Kwan) located at Av. Carabobo 1554 (esquina Saraza) in Parque
> Chacabuco
Hey Guys,

Are there any Karaoke places further north? Palermo, Recoleta, Belgrano?
There's a Mexican restaurant/karaoke joint on Directorio just near Jose Maria Moreno - can't vouch for the quality of the food or the karaoke otherwise there are a few down in Koreatown and I know there are some Japanese places out there somewhere too.
Hi there,
I'm missing so much this kind of activity here ;)

Has anyone discovered any more places?

At Plaza Dorrego there's one karaoke but it's only Fridays starting from 1-00 a.m...
It's been a while, but 2455 Vuelto de Obligado (a block from Cabildo) is a karaoke place in Beglrano called PROBAR. I never went in but I passed in front of it a few times when I was living in CABA.

It's a decent area and you wouldn't have to deal with going to Flores at night.
my arg friends do karaoke at the renacimiento gym on las heras and billinghurst in recoleta!