Know any place here in Capital that does fingerprinting?


Nov 24, 2008
I need to get my FBI check from the USA, I have the fingerprint cards but does anyone know a location/store here in Buenos Aires that does fingerprinting? If so, where and what's the customary charge for this?

Go to the police station in front of the botanical garden, at the corner of Gurruchaga & Santa Fe (big old bank style building at right at the corner) they will do the fingerprinting for you and it's free! Good luck!
There is a police station on Lavalle next to the California Burrito Co. Take the FBI print out to them and ask them to take the prints. They might tell you no (several times), but insist that one of your friends has gotten prints taken there. If they budge, you're in for a pretty hilarious experience. They charge nothing...suerte
Actually, you might want to head to the police station that is local to where you are living. I had to do this today, and I went to the 7a comisaría and they told me they couldnt do it, that the 8a comisaría had to do it because my residence fell in the jurisdiction of the 8a. Just a suggestion, since they might give you trouble for that. You can type in google comisarias en buenos aires and you should get lists of which comisaria corresponds to which.

As was already said, you´re in for a fun experience. Or a ¨fun¨ experience.

Anyone who´s done this before: how long did it take the FBI to get your record to you here in Bs As? And what did you do about the lack of apostille problem (assuming this is for migraciones here). Thanks!!
I had my fingerprints done twice at the comisaria in Plaza Italia, they were very very nice and never mentioned having to go to the comisaria where I live to get it done.

In terms of the FBI record, it takes 3-4 weeks, suggestion, if you pay by credit card, keep checking a 2 or so weeks to see if your card was charged the $18.00 fee, that way you know they received it and they are processing the order. They did not ask me for an apostiille for the FBI report, but I did need an apostille for my birth certificate. I used it cost $200 U$D about 2 years ago but was very very easy to get done and migraciónes accepted it for my residency. Don´t forget all of these items will have to be translated (and certified by the college of translators) before you present them to migraciones for your residency. Good Luck!
I just did the FBI check recently and I had it done at the police station around the block. To be sure I would always check to see which police station belongs/is in the juristiction of your address. It did take a little to get it back from the States but overall it was a very simple process.

In terms of the apostille...$200 seems REALLY expensive. I paid just USD $5 to get mine done in the states. Just check with your Secretary of State to see what the procedure is and they will generally mail your documents directly to your foreign address.

Hope that helps!
Thanks everyone! I also checked into Apostille service and my BC is from Missouri and the state will apostille it for only $10. Who is paying $200?!