Lack of seafood in Argentina


Fabrica del Tacos in San Telmo has corn tortillas. Their carnitas are pretty damn good and they make a really spicy salsa.
The thing about Fabrica de Tacos is that their quality varies wildly from one location to the next. I have never visited the one in San Telmo, but thanks for the tip!


If anyone is within their delivery radius, i had some excellent sushi from Comedor Nikkai in San Telmo. The nigiri and sashimi were salmon and lenguado, both were very fresh, akin to the quality of sushi at a mid-tier joint in NYC. We paid $1800 for 45 pieces.


i ended up placing an order over the weekend and i just received everything. i bought some prawns, merluza, and atun rojo. everything appears to be of excellent quality! and they delivered everything super promptly too.
Great hope you enjoy it. Let me know how the tuna is as I haven’t tried it from there yet.