laser eye surgery?


Jun 2, 2008
Found out that my medical plan covers laser eye surgery (osde 210), had never really given much thought to the procedure because it costs a lot back home. But seeing as its free...

Has anyone had the procedure done? Anyone have any recommendations for clinics here? Advice much appreciated.
I had it done three years ago at home in Ireland and I have to admit it was one of the best things I had ever done. I was quite short sighted, I think something like -7.5? I am petrified of hospitals and doctors but the whole thing was painless and over in a few minutes. My mother had it done and they over did the laser part. That happens in very rare occasions and it just meant she had to go back a few weeks later for about 5 minutes and do it again. I would recommend it but I don't know any clinic in BA or Argentina that does it.
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I had laser about 5 years ago, by someone considered (at that time) the best in Belgium. I was really happy about it, not having to put in contacts was absolutely great! It is said that if you laser your eyes, you have to wear reading glasses sooner. My doctor said that is not true. Now I just turned 40 and I am starting to have problems with contrasts, reading a map in the dark (reading light in the car) while checking the streetnames (at night), looking up at a clouded sky (not even sunny) while serving in tennis then looking ahead to return the ball - it is terrible! I am afraid I need glasses now, only 5 years after I paid the 3.000€ bill! I could have bought a lot of contacts / glasses for that price.
My friend had laser too, she had infections and could not drive car for 2 months, now said it was not worth it, another friend had to have 2 operations as the 1st one did not work out well but she is perfectly happy now.
I recommend you only go to the best doctor, the eye is too important! Don't save money on that! I have been good for 5 years, and to be honest, I don't think it was worth the price nor the risk...
I have some relatives (in their 30s) who are perfectly happy with their operation, and my husband (43) could never see as good as today :rolleyes:
Hi JP! I came across one recommendation from someone online who recently had Lasik. She recommended her optometrist and her Lasik surgeon, the names are below. She said she was very pleased with the results and the doctor. Please keep me updated on your findings / experiences, I'm definitely interested in getting this done while I'm here too!

Optometrist: Dr. Baccarelli
Tel: 011 4311 5187

Lasik: Instituto Stefani y Asoc.
Juncal 2345 PB
Entre Pueyrredón y Larrea
Tel: 011 4826 7028
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Can I ask, if you don't mind, which medical insurance plan you have that covers the Lasik procedure. Perhaps it's worth signing up for...Thanks!
I'm with OSDE, and my plan is 210
Think it costs around 300-400 pesos a month, not quite as its a work benefit.

Thanks loads for your input people.
Hey JP! Did you ever end up getting Lasik or finding out more about it?

I've been a bit of a wuss about it so far. There's a few things I'm not mad about - the procedure involves slicing a layer from the outside of your eye, and there can be complications involved with the healing and scarring. You can get permanently dry eyes, starburst effects and strange night vision. And in about 10 years my sight will likely change anyway and I'll end up needing glasses regardless, so not really sure if its worth it.

Going to get my eyes tested again and see what the other options are, I'm still leaning towards getting it done but at least want to feel like I exhausted the other possibilities before getting surgery.
:) I hear ya... it's a big step! I'm a little bit chicken myself, especially to have the surgery in a place that isn't all that familiar to me. At home I had a great place picked out, it was easy to do the research and I read tons of reviews. I felt much more comfortable with the idea of getting it done there, but still not 100% keen on the idea of the whole process.

Good luck with everything!
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