Learning Spanish


Aug 14, 2008
I am planning on moving to Buenos Aires in November with the goal of becoming fluent in Spanish, or at least functional. I have been reading posts under various threads and I have read nothing but negative comments about the city/economy/people. Can anyone lend support to why I should still go to Buenos Aires, or recommend another city in South America for studying Spanish? Thanks
Zack, hi. Please do not take the comments in here as negative, just because they are not written in a flattery form. They are personal experiences that are being shared to the readers to give them a fair description of what is being experienced here, that by no means tell you that you will have the same experience, yours will entirely be your own. But you sure can learn from some of the very informative ones that are posted. Just come with a lot of sense of humor, patience and tolerance. Of course, it is better to have both eyes open when entering any country so posters here do not want to mislead. They just relate their experiences. :) and some are very sad, funny, heart warming and others frustrating.
Now, for other countries you might want to consider, if it is spanish you want to learn then any country will do, I guess. Each one has its minuses and positive factors. Visit them all and when the shoe fits - choose that one! Cheers.
Remember the first couple of months of moving to a country is hard. As far as the Spanish, BA Castellano is slightly different from other Spanish. If you live in parts of the city or outside city with portenos, you will be exposed more. Best of luck.