Lets all live in Peace


Jun 20, 2006
I am writing this because it concerns me that there seems to be a lot of personal attacks on this forum for those who profess any positive thoughts about something in Argentina.
Yes this is a not a Perfect society . Yes there are problems and social inequality . Yes there is high inflation. Yes there is Rascism . Yes there is Crime and garbage and a myriad of other problems.
But there is also excellent things about Argentina and the Argentine people that also need to be expressed here . I have heard from many members here at functions and in private that they are scared to post positive remarks about life here because of the repercussions from some who attack their views.
I have made Argentina my home because I beleive and love this society . Most of us here who have lived many years feel the same. I for one would also like to hear their positive comments about life here
I never did notice any racism there in Buenos Aires, I did however notice anti-American sentiment while not xenophobia in general. When people asked me "sos yanquee?" it always sounded to me as if they were really asking "are you stupid?".
Thats all fine and dandy. If you enjoy it, so be it. I agree there are good AND bad things but here is the deal....If people want to constantly be lied to by the media, both Argentine and Foreign, about how WONDERFUL everything is then that is not accurate at all. I believe in exposing the DAY TO DAY realities of living here without the rose colored glasses. All anyone has to do is read an article from Frommers or the New York Times Travel section to read mostly false information. I will give you an example....In the U.S. on some websites there is a certain, shall we say, restaurant here (I say that because its not a real restaurant. Its in someone's home.) The food is mediocre at best, the worst wine I have had in Argentina (And you don't get bad wine in Argentina), overpriced and all done in a poorly ventilated planta baja apartment. EVERYONE I know who has been there felt the same way. Exploited and take in.Point is....truth isn't always beautiful. BTW, on a positive note....the ice cream is BY FAR better than anywhere else in the world and I lived in Italy for several years...
I've not lived in Bs.As., though, over the years, I've spent the equivalent of many months there and elsewhere in Argentina. I speak good Spanish, I have Argentine cousins (whose American ancestor arrived there nearly a century and a half ago) and friends. In short, I can't pretend to know as much about the city or the country as someone who's lived there a few years or more, but, having travelled extensively on five continents and lived in dozens of different places, I continue to be surprised that anyone would seriously maintain that Argentina is a third-world country: it's not North America or northwestern Europe, but it certainly isn't sub-Saharan Africa, China, or even Mexico or Brazil.
So, then, three cheers for Argentina and its people, corrupt government and different mores not withstanding!
As much as all of the posters above are expressing valid points, it should be also interesting to know what kind of expats we get into the country, I have met wonderful people from different countries, but the fact that there is no visa screening for tourists and basically anybody can just come and stay things like this happen:


This man had already had legal issues in the US, for violence, etc. This kind of expats are as negative as the garbage and dog p** in the city.

Good point, Nikad. Part of what draws me to Argentina is the hope, possibly futile, that its government might profit from viewing the suicide of the American: in, among other misdeeds, admitting the worst of the worst from abroad.
Pericles, I am not sure Peace as the ultimate humankind goal can be achieved. We can obviously TRY to get along...but as long as each person has a different agenda in life, conflicts will always be travelling side by side with that peace effort.We should celebrate ALL our differences rather than using up all our waking hours and energy trying to get everyone to conform to one thought.
I like the idea of living in peace, pls. do not get me wrong, but is it realistic? We are talking loads of ego, bad experiences, disappointments, sense of desperation, etc in this website..is it really possible?
Mightn't Pericles intend peace to represent calm acceptance of differences between posters? So I interpret his plea, and so I, too, wish.
its impossible to live in peace and harmony ,but one thing is for sure we would be closer if everyone at least respected each others views ,and for me ive lived here for 2 months and really believe its something different .i also have a lot of argentinian friends and a wife whos family live here .one thing that pisses me off is the constant motiveless attacks on new people who post there views .why?

I checked your recent messages on this forum. The only case where people snapped at you was when you posted a telemarketing job ad. Are you sure you are not generalizing things?