lifestyle coach


Apr 14, 2008
As a vegetarian with food intolerances, past food and body image issues, I have become my own guinea pig and my best client. Being a foodie to boot, has led me to become a self-proclaimed creative food science geek. I adore re-working a recipe so selfishly .
In my quest for perfect health and digestion, I traveled and lived in India, Bali, Australia, Thailand and much of Europe studying different modalities of healing and eating. It was yoga that took me to most of these places and my stomach that encouraged me dive deeper.
My passion is vegetables, my tool of choice, a blender. I am here to have some fun and mix it up while teaching and demystifying how to accommodate any way of eating, any style of cusine and baby stepping my clients to a healthier approach to food and wellness

Sounds the book Eat Pray Love.
Did you happen to read it (or write it? ;o) ) ?
im more focused on the eat and love what you eat part than the pray one... :)